Deportation Proceedings Terminated!

Our client is a Saudi Arabian citizen who came to the United States to attend college. She was a full time student, attending all of her classes as required. Unfortunately, her student status was accidentally terminated in the SEVIS system by her university. Unaware that her status had been terminated, our client returned to Saudi Arabia for her summer break. When she attempted to re-enter the United States for the fall semester, she was advised by the border officers that her status had been terminated. She was allowed to enter the United States for 30 days to fix her situation. Although her university contacted SEVIS to request that her status be reinstated, and took complete responsibility for the error, SEVIS denied the reinstatement request. Our client was then placed into removal proceedings, at which point she retained Julie Kruger to represent her.

Ms. Kruger appeared at all hearings before the Immigration Judge on behalf of our client. Ms. Kruger gathered evidence to show that our client was a full time student, attended all of her classes, and that the termination of her status was a mistake. Ms. Kruger prepared a Motion to Terminate the removal proceedings against our client, explaining the situation, enclosing the evidence, and requesting that the removal proceedings be terminated. The Department of Homeland Security did not oppose our Motion, on the basis that we demonstrated that the termination of our client’s student status was a mistake. The Immigration Judge granted our Motion, and terminated the proceeding!